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Gala Mod 7.3 Without 3 Sec Error [Updated]

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Gala Mod 7.3 Without 3 Sec Error [Updated]

Post by Hexapro on December 13th 2016, 4:52 pm

This is a new mod galaxy 7.3, By using this you can imprison anyone before 3 second and that user will be sent to the jail. There was also the duplicate version of this. On the fake version, 3 second error will not just appear but actually it cannon kick before 3 second. But now, dont be afraid because this is a original version and it can kick before 3 second.

1. She kicks very fast.
2. It does not hang while flying to other planet.
3. Can imprison before 3 second.
4. When you push the button "Stand Next To", your id will go off immediately.

Contact for purchasing the program on:
1. Galaxy Username:- Hexapro
2. On this site, you can leave me private message on my username:- Hexapro
3. You can contact me by chatting on our site on chatbox.

Cost of this program is 10 gold balls


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