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Rules of GalaTech

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Rules of GalaTech

Post by admin on December 14th 2016, 8:42 pm

Section 1: In the forum

1.1: General Rules
It is strictly prohibited to publish information that contains the following:

  • Slang words, rude and abusive words or expressions.

  • Pornography and Nudity

  • Personal Information

  • Religious Abuse

Punishment: Ban the user temporarily for 7 days.

Section 2: Registration and user profile configuration

2.1: Registration

  • Do not use non-existing email address

  • Do not use your email as your username

  • Do not copy profile of others

2.2: Username

  • Do not use similar usernames as other members

  • Do not use username that contains entirely numbers

  • Do not use names of websites or links in username

Punishment: Delete your account, then you have to create a new one.

Section 3: Topics and Posts

3.1: Topics

  • Do not post existing topic repeatedly

  • Do not post Offtopic rather than the category type

Punishment: Topics will be deleted and warning to the author will be sent.

3.2: Topic Title

  • Do not use title irrelevant phrases such as "Help!", "Urgent", etc.

  • Do not use entire word in capital letters

  • Do not use large punctuation such as: "The computer stops responding at startup !!! What to do??????"

  • Use the title of the topic that is related logically with your message.

Punishment: The topic title will be corrected by Moderators and the warning will be sent to the author.

3.3: Messages

  • Do not type entire message in Capital Letters

  • Do not use the Chatting Styles, or short forms such as: "hlo wht r u doing"

  • Do not use many smilies graphic emoticons

Punishment: Message will be deleted and the warning to the author will be sent.

---------------------------------------------------------------THE   END-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

NOTE:- If the author will do same violations repeatedly after the warning too, Then he will be banned for a month.


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