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Galaxy 9.1

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Galaxy 9.1

Post by Hexapro on December 14th 2016, 7:30 pm

Now published a new version of galaxy - Galaxy 9.1 for all type of platforms: Android, iOS, Windows phones and Java!!

Whats New in this version:

1. Added 18 brand new smilies

2. Notification of arrival and users fly away on the planet is now visible on top of the chat, and thus do not take excessive air lines.

3. Updated Interface Design (Sidebar, the character selection screen). Color hats sidebar now matches the aura of the character.

4. If the person you're suddenly left the planet for some reason when you send your message, you'll see a pop-up window that allows you to send your message to him in the mail.

5. The chat window is added a special button to quickly scroll through the ether to the unread appeals or last post.

6. Live planet added avatars characters, when you click on them you will see his character on the planet.

7. In the action bar on the planet added button "To my character" (as an icon with the little man and arrow) is visible when the focus on another character or object on the planet.

8. The emotion of the character is saved when you exit the application. Change emotion possible in the sidebar under the avatar and nickname.

9. Merged action items "Kick" and "Expel and close the access." Now when you click on "Kick", you will see a window where "close access" you can put a check mark.

The latest version of the application can be founded in the App Store, PlayStore or on the official website


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